Received message regarding "Bombastic Crown of O’s" after receiving the "Adurite Crown of O’s" avatar item

Upon receiving the “Adurite Crown of O’s” I recieved the following message:

(Keep in mind that I’ve owned the “Bombastic Crown of O’s” for a few years at this point so it shouldn’t be related to that)

While this is a very minor issue and the correct item was awarded to me, this could be mildly confusing to some users who may believe they have received a second “Bombastic Crown of O’s” if this bug is to happen to more users.

Expected behavior

I expect to recieve a message informing me that I earned the “Adurite Crown of O’s” rather than incorrectly stating that I earned the “Bombastic Crown of O’s” again.


I didn’t get mine yet still and I am worried I did something wrong,

the crown of o’s reward system is very buggy, i had deserved the reward about 6 months ago when my game got 200+MAU, after this happened and a bunch of bugs occurred i took the game down to fix it and hadn’t put it up since, i then didn’t receive my crown of o’s until about a week ago