Receiving "502 Bad Gateway" Requests

About 50% of the time when visiting since about Thursday, I experience a “502 Bad Gateway” error. About 66% of the time, I receive slow loading times (10-20 seconds)

I can’t really give a specific repro step since it happens intermittently.

The other odd thing is that Status+ doesn’t seem to report this as a problem.

FWIW I don’t get this error or slow load problems on any other site including other Roblox domains, and for all I know it could be my own ISP’s problem.


This has been happening to me a ton, and it has stayed like that for around half a year already. I don’t know what’s happening as I have pretty decent internet.


Doesn’t happen on my end but try these:

  • Clear cache
  • Log out and back in on Devforum
  • Restart your device that is used to access DevForum
  • Restart your modem

I’ve (indirectly) done all of these, and it’s still been happening. Remember, 502 is a server error so it’s probably on the DevForum’s end, not mine.

Are you based in the US? I have not had any issues here and Status+'s servers are located on the west coast.

Yes, my ISP’s servers and myself are in Florida. I have not yet attempted this with a VPN but I’m not sure if that will give any definitive results since it’s intermittent.

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For a few hours on Thursday morning I couldn’t access the DevForum because of some DNS error, and I’m pretty sure nobody else could.

Not sure if this is the cause but it seems releated to your issue since you experienced this issue on the same day.

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The outage on Thursday was not related:

This is an interesting issue, as I have noticed awful response times in the last few days, but no 502’s. I’ll keep my eye out!


I can confirm this is happening to me as well and has been for probably over a year at this point. If I were to take a guess, it is how big my account is, maybe a database timeout leading to a server error. It actually makes things like the bug report wizard completely unusable. Oddly enough, clearing my browser’s data for the website makes it fast to load for a little while, but then returns to the same state. Happens on mobile Desktop and Mobile for me.


I have not experienced this. Have you turned your ad blocker off and tried again?

I don’t currently have an ad blocker enabled. (Using Firefox latest version)

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I haven’t been having errors any time recently, however for me the forum is just… slow.

I tried opening @\incapaz’s profile and it took about 15 seconds, afterwards it was pretty fast because of server side caching, then I tried opening @\Mcaw’s profile and also took a long time and then probably got cached server side and it’s faster again. I cleaned up my cookies and it was still quick for them, so server side.

The website itself for the forum is quick as hell for me even though I’m on Brazil, 20 ms, I get 180 for the normal Roblox website.

The problem is really the database which really needs some better infrastructure and optimization, I believe all that is just all code from Discourse, it probably doesn’t expect as much users and data as the DevForum has.

And that a lot of sense, we have seen a bunch of users get in when Display Names were announced, and that’s when people started to really see slow downs.

someone needs to defragment devforum’s hard drives


Ok, did anything happen to your WI-FI on Thursday? Like it turned off or anything.

PC specs are not going to be related to a 502 bad gateway.

I’ve had it before but definitely not recently.

Highly unlikely, like @FxllenCode said, on Thursday, a DNS server had a massive outage and made sites such as Steam unable to access

He’s in Florida, in the United States.

Update: I haven’t been getting these nor any slowdowns lately. I’d like others to confirm that they have seen this problem lessen recently. Honestly, I wonder if it only cleared for me or not.

Issue isn’t resolved as I previously thought. Sorry for the bump, but this isn’t the first time this has happened this week, probably the third, so the issue is starting again. Any response on this?

This should be largely resolved now, let us know if you are still experiencing this significantly. (e.g. significant % of requests around the sites, see below for extra clarification)

We can never prevent 100% of 5xx issues especially during peak traffic, but we do track these and try to minimize them. Our current target is 99.9% availability and we want to improve this further to 99.99% later this year.

The reason for the issues over the past month is that we were dealing with a set of bad Discourse changes that we had to get rectified with the Discourse team / work around them ourselves, which is why this took some time to resolve. Thanks for your patience!


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