Receiving data only in a specific time range

Hello , how can i make function to receive data from clients only in specific time range. For example we have a function then it runs some actions happen then when it comes to some point i want to receive data from clients for 5 seconds and store it in a table. How can i achieve this?

Another example, function starts, then at some point of function remote event fires and clients see weapons on the screen for 10 seconds and, i want function to collect what they chose and continue where it stayed.

i think it might be possible with remote functions but i havent tried and dont prefer because of its risks.

you can use remote events to communicate between the client and server

client sends server data
server checks stuff and sends data back to the client
once data is sent to the client from the server do stuff


How would you send the client’s choosen data to server? is the “weapons on the screen” a GUI? if its a GUI then theres no other way than using RemoteEvents

yeah i think i configured it already with remote events thanks. First thought maybe remote functions because of them waiting to return and i can just open thread for all players and wait them to return but it is a bad idea i think. Configured it with remote events. thanks

Yeah already done it with remote events thanks.

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