Receiving Robux on a game that I haven't updated in years

First off, I want to start this post off saying that I am very sorry if this is the wrong category to put this into, however I just thought this would be best.

I made an obby type game 5 years ago, and it never really got traction (probably because it wasn’t that great.)

In said obby game, I had a donation game pass for 6 robux.
No one had ever bought this game pass, but all of a sudden, I’m making Robux off of it.
I have made 12 sales for the gamepass in the past 3 days, now this isn’t much, but for a game that hasn’t been updated in 5 years, and has less than 1k visits, I believe this is quite a bit.

And, to add onto this, the obby has been closed for the past 3 years, so no one could’ve played it, making it stranger that people have donated.

I did notice that everyone that bought the donations had a badge from some pretty big game called “starving artists”, and as fair as I know about that game, you can make Robux from selling art, however I’m unsure how that would lead me to earning Robux as I’ve never played that game.

Would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this.

Now, I want to end this post with the following: I realize that this may be an “overreaction” to some, but I want to be sure this isn’t some sort of funny new way of getting people in trouble, and that making a devforum post on this (albeit a bit lengthy), was the least I could do in this situation.


Well, to understand this you need to know how Starving Artists game works.

It allows you to paint and then sell the picture for robux. You connect the gamepass/t-shirt ID to your picture and other people can purchase the picture by purchasing the gamepass/t-shirt.

So, the most probable explanation that comes to my mind is that someone accidentaly used wrong gamepass ID and they’ve been using it for many different pictures. Other people are buying the pictures of this player by purchasing the connected gamepass - your gamepass.

I don’t know what was the probability for this to happen but you should know that it’s like winning the lottery. However, the prize is little and probably it’s gonna make some child cry. :frowning:


Adding to this, gamepasses can still be purchased if the game’s private so it was likely someone typed the ID in incorrect


I’m thankful to the both of you for responding.
I’ve taken down the gamepass, I don’t want to be taking money for someone else’s work.
Hopefully they will realize their mistake