Recent 3D Models I made ❀ܓ(。◠ ꇴ ◠。 )

Here are some recent models I made, give me feedback if you can


the shape of the scythe blade is a bit strange, I’d suggest making it wrap around the main pole where it meets, make a small blade on the other side and make the main one a bit longer along with a bigger curve. The headphones look great so that’s all the feedback I’ve got for it.

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Style and shading are clean. From a design perspective, I can’t see anything I’d change with the earphones. The heart shaped holes in the scythe blade closest to the handle seem a little too big, but that might come down to preference.

Very nice work.


earplugs seem fine but the scythe looks a bit interesting and small

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Ty for feedback 🫶🏾
The scythe was for a valentines competition that’s why I did that but thank u

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Tysm I added holes in the scythe due to it being made for a competition and wanting to make it :sparkles:extra :sparkles: