Recent GFX I made


I don’t mind it. I feel like its a little bit stretched in height, maybe make it have a little more stretched out in width. Other than that looks great :+1:


looks sick, maybe make the sun look more intense

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Awesome!! Suggestion: maybe add some effects…

Here, I’ve made some changes and added some effects to your GFX:



Nah man, I prefer it without those effects. The clouds look better in my opinion.

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damn that looks good.

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This is really really good.
What I would maybe do to make it look even better is I would make the fog intensity depend on the distance, so like the buildings near the character shouldn’t be too foggy. Also maybe add some SunRays since the sun is really bright.

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It looks bad now.

Love the text effect and the clouds that @ExoticDev_66 added! Cool scene!

Much obliged! Char limit

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