Recent GFX (Looking for Feedback)

That is awesome how long are you taking on each picture

Each picture takes 10-20 minutes to make.

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Cool! my first ever GFX is about the same level in terms of “how good it looks”.

I had a bit of blender experience before hand creating it. Good luck on making some GFXs!

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What do you use to make your gfx

I use blender to make my gfx. There are lots of tutorials in yt.

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Thank you for the help and advice

Also, try to match and add a background to the GFX

these all have weird lighting, bland backgrounds, and not so great posing. you need to improve lighting, posing, sets, etc. also you need good ideas for a gfx

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Thank you for your feedback. I’m not used to blender but I’ll keep trying. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Not to be rude in anyways, but it’s a bit way too dark, and the green text in the first one that shows is way far from the green. use these tips in the future

Not bad! I do suggest adding some more depth to the scene(s) though. And now that I think about it, maybe you could them a bit brighter? Probably just personal preference, but it might look cool. Other than that, keep it up friend! :slight_smile:

I think the other guy’s GFX looked better sorry.

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They are too simple in my opinion.

I know you just started using blender for gfx but you could add special effects using photoshop

Hey everyone! I’ve been reading your feedback and I know I’ve been simple right now. I’m learning how to do photoshop effects right now and I’m working on something good!

These GFX Are good, but they are kinda empty.

I would suggest using backgrounds and doing some better ligthing.

I’ve been making a GFX for a few hours now, and I want you to see it (I know it might seem bad, but I’ll try to improve!)

(Sorry about the watermark and everything, I know it seems kinda bad for now)

My new GFX is also for my friend lol I just felt like it.

??? I didn’t place any green text in my first gfx.

For effects, I think that the blue circles are very out of place. Try finding tutorials on how to use effects and make them match well. Also, I recommend Photopea. It’s a free online photo-shop tool and you can improve on effects and lighting there.