Recent GFX Pieces (Blender)

here is some of my recent work after coming back to GFX after a long break!


The different pieces look not that bad, however the posing structure could be rather changed as all the characters shown in the design have all exact poses. Changing certain ones with different poses or characters implemented within it, would increase a more better quality.

There are some issues regarding the lighting source, have you tried adding more sun light shining on the character a little bit more? It has a rather dark tone, you could possibly add more lighting like the 2 design shows.

Perhaps have one design with a different image with the proper sun light matching the scenery shine as it seems a little odd in my opinion. Furthermore, it’s a start if you continue learning new things you will eventually improve your skills more.


Hey, in my opinion, they are done very well in regards to production quality, but I think it should have more context to it. (action within the gfx) Since in my opinion, it seems plain, that is just my opinion though! :slight_smile:

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