Recent GFX work

I’ve been working on GFX for about 3-4 days now. I can say I definitely improved from my first one.
First GFX

Second GFX (yesterday’s work)

Third GFX (today’s work)

I know the third one could use some work, but it was more of a quick ‘im bored’ piece. Still looks great to me though. Feedback would be very much appreciated! Let me know if you see changes from the first to third. :slight_smile:


Everything is fantastic but the problem I have with the third one is that that shadows are kind of in a weird position, the light is coming fromm the front but the shadow is to the right facing us



That’s actually the hammer shadow. There are multiple hammers to the side that wasn’t included in the picture which created a shadow.

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I recommend watermarking the gfx in case of art theft.


For the first GFX, I think you should increase the spread of the lighting that the flowers on your heard have lighting too. Center the render a bit more by moving it to the right.
For the second GFX, you should try to make it so that the lighting has soft edges so that it has more realism of lighting! I really love the shadow of the render. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like that, but your render’s feet are tiptoe-ing.
For the third GFX, try to change the pose so that the render is more action-y because now it looks like it’s just walking calmly.
Overall, your creations are very good! Keep it up. <3

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Love the renders and the lighting. The only concern I have is your choice of fonts, I would use ( to get a more selection of fonts. I would also add effects.

Thank you so much! I was using an online editor at the time because I was improvising. But, I’m working on improving.

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Can you point out a few things for me? That would be more helpful.

Idk, I ain’t an artist so I can’t point out everything but two things in the last one is the lighting and the text looks like I drew it freehand.

Okay, just to let you know; it would be better if you provided constructive criticism, what you said first didn’t let me know what needed to be improved. It came off as a little rude. Thank you.

I like the first one overall, very good render and the lighting is almost perfect. Not sure what program you use but you can experiment with the specular as it’s becoming more of a trendy look. The third one is simple and perhaps a little too simple, experiment with a better font that is more appealing and more eye catching. That’s just to name a few tips but overall good start :+1:

for sure! can you tell me what a specular is though? i’m really new to these things.