Recent gun model

Hello! I’ve recently made this Glock 17 model and would like some feedback. Thanks!
(btw made in roblox studio and I know that the dark blue colored one is off because they aren’t lined properly.)


For real, If this is 100% made in roblox studio, this is awesome! Good job!
However, maybe, you could make the sight a bit more detailed if you are going to use this in an FPS game, than the sights being just 3 wedges, but overall it looks pretty nice.

Yeah made this for a guy that will use it in a rp game

Cool done, deserves respect.

I’m making police equipment for him the best I can and not charging him much
Example: handcuffs,baton and pepper spray are like 20-30 robux
He says he is happy with my work and so am I :slight_smile:

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Ah, got it. Well do more police equipment :smiley:

I did, i’ll show everything when im done :slight_smile:
I need to do the pepper spray and the taser

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the size (30charrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

while the dedication is indeed worthy of applause and for being built in studio its good, but if u like making small models like this it’s imperative that you start learning blender or some other 3d modeling software, simply for the reason that you’ll making these models much faster, learn an industry compatible skill, and for the simple fact that meshes leg far less than roblox bricks :stuck_out_tongue: but for something built in studio you did well, good job

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I make basically anything my friends suggest for practice. And yes blender is good but im much more comfortable in roblox studio. I’ve used blender a few times but wasn’t that good. I might use it in the future for making armor or clothing although I don’t know some essential mechanics i’d say like the parts to attach to robloxian’s head. I’ve tried making a donut in blender and kinda succeded and kinda failed. But for now if my commisioners are happy with what I make in studio i’m happy too. I do realise most pros use blender but i’ll be a pro using roblox studio :stuck_out_tongue: Although I only have 1 month of modelling i’m doing
great. :slight_smile:
Good night/day sir and thanks for reading!

Looks really dope for it being made in studio, I suggest learning Blender to improve!

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Looks pretty good! Nice job dude!

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