Recent Roblox update breaks chat intermittantly

Beginning yesterday-ish, I began receiving a large number of complaints about the chat window being broken. Given that I haven’t updated most of these games in a while I’m led to believe this is on Roblox’s end. It doesn’t occur for everyone, I personally have yet to have it happen to myself, but it has been happening to a still significant portion of my playerbase. Apparently the chat window gets stuck like this, with the topbar button falsely indicating that the chat window is open.

Clicking the topbar button makes no difference, and chatting (while still working) doesn’t make it appear either. On top of all of this, there are no pertinent errors appearing in any outputs, so I don’t even know where to begin to look.

Occurring here, here, and here.

Am I the only one running into this issue?


It happens on my game too. I also joined another game and the same thing happened.

Any errors in the console when this happens? Also, you’ve got a partially copied chat right? (Only certain files were copied)

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I’ve seen no errors, and yes only certain files of the chat were copied over to be modified.

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do you have any particular steps to get this to happen?

I can confirm this happens at my game as well. The chat window will disappear for players as soon as they join and they’ll be unable to see the chat, but oddly enough can still type and their chats can be seen by others.

@FriendlyBiscuit can confirm this as well.

No errors appear, and I changed nothing in the game. This is recent.

Unfortunately no, it’s just something that seems to happen right as you join the game. Certain people seem to usually or always experience it without any errors while others (like myself) don’t experience it at all. It’s the weirdest thing.

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Can you provide a link to this game?

This is the game.

The chat seems to be working fine for me in both these games. Do you know what platform users experiencing this issue are on?

Someone in my Discord server found the source of the issue, apparently this only occurs when you have WindowResizable in ChatSettings set to true.


I was able to replicate this issue in studio and when I did it seemed that the Chat screen gui’s Enabled property was set to false. Was this also the case for this user? I am not sure how WindowResizable could be affecting this though.

Was wondering what was going on since I was also getting complaints about my game. I have the default GUIs all disabled (as well as WindowResizable to true) though if that affects anything.

This bug seems to only occur on Mac, can anyone verify this?

The bug occurs for me on Windows 10 in my game here:

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So I disabled WindowResizable in my game to try to fix the bug temporarily and it did not fix it. I also have ChatOnWithTopBarOff enabled because I have the topbar disabled. (same place as I mentioned before)

@TwentyTwoPilots @FierceByte @Polymorphic
I am still looking into the exact cause of this bug but I have a simple fix you can add to the chat in your own game.
In ChatScript.ChatMain.ChatWindow, where the size of the chat window is calculated (around line 285) add the following two lines.

		local screenGuiParent = GetScreenGuiParent()
		resizeLock = true --- Add this line.

		if (deviceType == DEVICE_PHONE) then
			BaseFrame.Size = ChatSettings.DefaultWindowSizePhone
		elseif (deviceType == DEVICE_TABLET) then
			BaseFrame.Size = ChatSettings.DefaultWindowSizeTablet
			BaseFrame.Size = ChatSettings.DefaultWindowSizeDesktop

		resizeLock = false --- Add this line.

The issue seems to be that ChatResizeFrame.Changed fires when absolute position changes but the value has not yet been changed, so it uses 0, 0 as the absolute position when doing the calculations rather than the new absolute position.


I am still getting a few complaints from users about chat not working in my game.

Edit: nvm it’s because I didn’t realize that team create didn’t save any of the edits I made to scripts, as usual.