Recent update to physics messing with humanoid states and jumping on PGS

I still have a problem with PGS and humanoids; it seems you jump twice when holding space or just generally jumping. Here’s a video for reference:

It’s clear with the custom jump sound that it triggers jumping twice.


@Patrickblox I’ve been trying to reproduce your sound issue with jumping, but even after adding code to check when each sound is being played, I am still seeing only a single sound for each jump. Can you post example code that shows how you’re playing the sounds?

@CodeWriter I would do that, but I literally just used an empty baseplate and turned up the volume. There’s no custom scripts or anything at all, it’s the default code your character spawns with… so I’m not sure why you can’t repro it :grimacing:

Just for support, I’m having the exact same thing that Patrickblox has when enabling PGS on any of my games.
Even newly created ones.

@Patrickblox, @Partcline - we are able to reproduce this now and are investigating.

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Any updates regarding this?

This required a multi-phase fix, the last of which was completed this week. The full fix should be in the release next week. Try it out next Thursday, 1/21/2016.


Will do! Thanks for the update on this.

It has been fixed - though, if you jump from the edge of a part, there is a slight chance your upwards velocity will be very low (is this intended?)

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For reference, here’s a GIF of what I’m talking about:

Can be reproduced easily; you just need to jump off the edge of a part and it will sometimes happen.

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PLEASE NOTE: This also happens when you stand ontop of a small part and on detailed structures that use small parts

This has been around for an extremely long time. However, it is rather uncommon.

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