Recent update to physics messing with humanoid states and jumping on PGS

I had my place set to use PGS, and up until today, there were no problems – everything worked fine. But now, unless I turn PGS off, I have issues where jumping causes me to freeze mid-air and the Landed state triggers prematurely. I have a video of the issue. The first half you can see my character crouching and then jumping – in the air, the legs are supposed to go back to the default animation and the crouching animation is supposed to stop. The only trigger for the crouch animation to play again is when the Landed state is triggered, so if the character is crouching mid-air, it’s because of that. The second part of the video shows the character losing all forward momentum when jumping.

Here’s what it supposed to happen and what does happen when PGS is off:

I have a place where this is demonstrated at – it’s private though, so staff, PM me for a link or a file.


Apparently someone on the regular forums is also having issues with BodyMovers not working (even though they used to) with PGS:

Edit: Another forum on the main site describing issues after a recent update:

Yeah, my velocity scripts completely screw up if I enable PGS physics. In addition, a double jump ability doesn’t work either; it seems character movement isn’t fully supported yet - at least judging by how characters also slide around now and have less accurate movement.

Is your character jumping behavior using a BodyMover?

Nope – it uses the default ControlScript to move around and uses the same character setup the default characters use. I’m PMing you a link to the place if you want to take a look at it.

EchoReaper - please post a link or model that illustrates this behavior so we can investigate. Thanks!

I just PMed you what I sent to chefdeletat – sorry for the runaround. I wish we had whispers already :sad:

It looks like it’s not related to BodyMovers. Someone is looking into the jumping issue.

We are re-enabling the BodyMover change from Friday.

With PGS soon to be the default and the call for all issues with PGS, I just want to make sure you guys are going to fix the humanoid state thing. You noted the jumping issue, but mentioned nothing about the humanoid state problem – that didn’t go unnoticed, right?

Also, with PGS some wedges are harder to climb.
With PGS:Without PGS:

Hey Patrickblox: could you send us the link to your place with instruction on how to repro the bad behavior? Thank you.

Yes someone is looking into the jumping issue. The wedge climbing thing is new to us. Thanks!

Which one? Both? One is the freezing in midair – the other one, while technically an issue experienced while jumping, is the humanoid Landed state firing early, which are two different problems. Or are these caused by the same issue?

The place with PGSPhysics:

The place without PGSPhysics:

Repro steps:
You need to run around the area by holding down shift, then turn the camera around in a 180 degrees movement or hit the S key to turn. With PGS on, the character slides around a lot more, and you also sometimes get stuck in mid-air by double jumping (atleast I did). Without PGS the game works fine, however.

Thank you!

Ok, I tried both of the places you linked, but I couldn’t really see what was wrong. The only place that I was able to successfully get stuck on was the PGS-Disabled place, so I’m thinking there may be an underlying problem with the movement code that may be easier to reproduce under the PGS enabled state.

I was able to repro the problems this yesterday, but not today. I guess the today’s release fixed this.

It seems it’s not as buggy as when I first made my post here. Though double jumping still glitches slighty and causes you to get stuck for a few seconds in mid-air with PGS enabled - it uses HumanoidStateType, by the way.

Just to clarify, this problem still exists.

It’s kinda hard to tell from this gif, but you can definitely tell you stop moving midair. To reproduce all you need is a normal baseplate with PGS physics enabled.

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I believe we have a fix for this releasing tonight.

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The jumping stutter in mid-air should be fix with last night’s build. Please let us know if you are having issues with this.

If you are having other issues, please make a new thread with detailed descriptions of what you’re experiencing, what the correct behavior should be and a simple example that shows the problem.

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