Recently Made a FPS map

Good afternoon! :upside_down_face:

Recently I made an FPS map just for fun and wanted to show you all!

Here’s the build:

The build isn’t finished though, but when it’s finished, I plan to actually get it into a FPS game, like Randomizer.

I just want to know what I should add in the build to make it more unique.

Anyone got suggestions? :eyes:

Edit: I also have made it a showcase too.



pretty good add some wood detail to the chairs and the table i think that would look better

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Very nice build! I’m not that good of a builder myself but I think some more props* on the table would look nice.

*Decorations like glass of water/juice, plate with food, maybe a radio? Y’know :joy:

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This actually seems like a really fun map to play on.
I think you should add some property cards in front of the chairs.

Also can you add a humanoid dummy in your images for scale