Recently made a small Café

Hi! I recently made a small Café and wanted to show you guys!


I used a reference image from google to build this

Reference Image


Is there any improvements I can learn from and possibly make something better? Thanks!


I’m liking the amount of work you put into it! Next step is to build something without using a image.


Awesome work that has been done, but I recommend adding some details on the window, it doesn’t look like the one from the image. It is just striped so it should be easy, if it is hard to make an ornate for the top I recommend watching some videos on how to make it, if you can do it in Blender, try using Subdivision surface to make it smoother if you can Mesh. Again, I recommend watching a tutorial for blender too! :smiley:

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Well the thing is, I wasn’t looking for accuracy from the image when I was making it. I just wanted to make my own version of the reference image but that is good advice and I appreciate it! Though I don’t plan on making stuff on Blender because how complex it is since I have Autism.

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Not a huge fan of the magma/cobblestone lining on the outside. Change the texture.

Looks nice,but window needs detail and chair legs are too wide.

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Awe, it’s okay if you can’t make stuff on blender due to Autism, it’s okay. I will still be here to review your builds though. :slight_smile:

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It looks awesome! Are you starting a cafe group or is it just for a work/project?

But again, thank you for the tips!

Neither of those, just wanted to build a small Café.