Recently Played / My Favorites not showing up

For some reason, none of my Recently Played games or My Favorites games show up on my Home page (although the Friend Activity games work just fine).
This happens any time you go to the Home page on the Roblox site.
It has been going off and on with the waiting ever since that crash that occurred a few days ago; today is the only time its been continuous and not showing up.

Info Update (3/2/18 3:15) - Games do appear on the “See All” page, but not on the home menu. Have also asked other Roblox players as well through discord and some of them do appear to be experiencing the same issues I am.

Info Update (3/2/18 4:48) - This bug is not in correlation to the missing images glitch that was experienced on Roblox earlier today: the bug has since been fixed, and the games still will not load.


I don’t know if this is related or not, but game icons and avatar thumbnails aren’t loading for me at all.

I can relate

Yeah! :confused: Asset Pictures Not Loading

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It happened yesterday yeah, it usually happens time by time i dont know why.