Recently Played With

As a Roblox Developer it is currently hard to remember the names of the people you were playing with if you were hanging out then left and forgot.

If I was interviewing someone and they left I wouldn’t remember there username and wouldn’t be able to contact them within the game. This is also hard for when playing a game and meet somewhen then not remember their username and end up not seeing them again.

I’m sure everyone maybe had this happen at least once. If this did happen and you remember the user name this would be very useful.

This is not helpful to people who maybe found the people who have ended up being the perfect person for their development.

The Solution to this problem would be: “Recently Played With”

This feature would allow you to see who was just in the same server of the game so you could see the profile you might have been looking for.

If this feature was added this would be optional as a “on or off” in the players settings.

Why would I want this, wouldn’t just make more work for Roblox?” “I’m sure you would have added him/her if you were playing together?

Stuff could always happen and even if you didn’t have someone you met there maybe you could just look at who you were playing at.

This would work if there was someone either breaking the rules or someone was breaking the rules and doing something to you this would be useful for blocking or reporting. ”


This would be a fantastic social feature for Roblox.

If I’m being honest, the usecase presented as being helpful to devs pales in comparison to the sheer amount of usefulness this would have to a general user on the platform.


It should be added like something like this:
Go to leaderboard, pick the person you want, and when they leave, you can see their username again. Just dont make it for the whole playerlist

This already exists on mobile

Not sure if it exists on pc, and I don’t use it so I don’t know if there’s any room for improvement.

Just so you know.

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I dont see that on my PC so it isnt on PC


Definitely support this!

v As for this, yes, it does exist on mobile in a very limited capacity. Expanding on this feature and making it across all platforms - “People You May Know” is different from “People Recently Played With” as well.