RecentSaves vs AutoSaves

There’s no good place for this question and I can’t find the answer already.

What’s the difference between RecentSaves and AutoSaves? In all these years I’ve never understood the difference.


RecentSaves probably includes manual place file saves in addition to auto saves, and AutoSaves probably only includes auto saves. I haven’t really used them very much so I’m not positive.

Why do they store manual saves? I’m already manually saving it to wherever the file is already located.

EDIT: Assuming you’re correct, but the “recent” suggests that you are imo

Don’t quote me but:

Recent saves is for people who have built things on the studio and saved it into Roblox (or a file) and Roblox is just making its own back up for you in case things go side ways. I don’t think you want to lose your working version of your game due to a file becoming corrupted or because you messed up the latest version. See it as a back up.

Auto saves are done so when your working you don’t lose all your progress if the power runs out. The more important your work, the more shorter the interval between auto saves should be set.

Both of these features are just to make your life easier if you have problems, I think we have all felt the sigh of relief when an auto save has done its job or when we lost a copy of our work and found Roblox has recovered it / made its own! :slight_smile:

A scenario somewhat related:

  • My computer in CS which holds my year project started playing up, when I logged out and returned it said it didn’t save OneDrive and I thought I lost my work. It turns out two things would have happened if I had lost it (turns out it was just a bug): I would have been given a back up with my drive on it or Word saved it in a recovery location - sigh of relief.

Judging by this post, it seems to be another auto-save location. I still can’t tell exactly what its purpose it, or when it’d decide to auto-save to that location - perhaps it’s an auto-save one or multiple versions behind the one in the AutoSave folder?

This is, however, just speculation. The only other thing I can think of would be just to get a list of recently edited places - but then that could be stored as just pointers to the file instead of duplicating them, so that doesn’t really make sense.

It’d be nice to have someone clear this up and let us know what this is for, I’ve just checked my folder and it’s full of files dating all the way back to 2017.

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AutoSaves are automatic saves that are automatically deleted when studio closes. These are used for recovering place files when Studio crashes. RecentSaves is somewhat like this, but creates files when you quit with unsaved changes. The main use case is for when you close studio and accidentally or intentionally don’t save work, and potentially need it later.