Recommendations for 3RD PARTY services needed!

Keeping it simple, I need a free yet effective 3rd party data-storage service, and a 3rd party service that can run preferably Lua, but if not then python, scripts. These scripts will be used to read and write the data from the data-storage service, as well as receive and send signals to Roblox servers. This is for a game-wide system.

[Before someone suggests REPLIT, it has harsh CPU/ram restrictions and is inefficient]

Since of my non-existent budget (average unprofessional Roblox dev), I need services that are completely costless.

Have you tried using GitHub Data Storage? I’m pretty sure it’s free for 1 GiB a month, and may have support for Python.

What are you using it for exactly?

server time system

OS.TIME is converted to a custom date in the server, with the os.time - starting time marks seconds since Year 1 Day 1 in my server date system, each 60 * 60 * 25 seconds (aka a day), a year passes in the game. This is a server-wide system that needs to be pin-point accurate, so that features within the game can be calculated accurately, I have a method to directly convert it from os time to my date system, but only the start is calculated, and each second, the days are just added and the os.time is not recalculated every second into the date to be more resource-efficient.

company data

Game is based on players starting up companies in cities and with a stock market, where the stock prices, aswell as company data has to be up-to date between all servers, company data can sorta be done with datastoreservice but a 30(ish) delay between saves can disrupt some things

other serverside modifiers

Other modifiers, such as inflation and other market variables must be calculated and stored in a 3rd party provider, since it is practically impossible with roblox’s built in resources to send the data of all the servers to every server, then calculate them in the server

Bumping post since i still need more answers

bumping again, also is pastebin an option?