Recommendations needed for Sci-Fi Game Core Meltdown Music

Since Roblox got rid of (most) copyrighted songs in the Library, I need some good suggestions for a main theme for my sci-fi game’s meltdown sequence.

I want to use Mona Lisa Overdrive from The Matrix Reloaded, but again, copyright.

Any suggestions? I could technically upload songs, I have enough Robux for that, but I’d rather not if I don’t have to.


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Don’t upload songs that are copyrighted if you want more info read the guidelines:

Other you could just have an alarm instead.

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I wasn’t planning on that. I just don’t know what music I could use from the APM Music library.

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After looking around the library, this is literally the only song I found that seemed somewhat similar to what you’re looking for.

(1) Hackers 60sec Promo - Roblox

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That might actually work, I’ll see if I can find a longer version.