Recommendations on my new game Spider Sim 3!

Hey everyone!! I’ve been working on this new Spider Sim with the creator of Spider sim 2 for about 2 weeks now and its open for testing! (4) Spider Sim 3! [Alpha!] - Roblox come join and give us all your feedback, positive or negative! :smiley: (: Thanks!!

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Buildings are all very basic and blocky and there isn’t a tutorial to teach u how to play

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Yeah!! I am going to make everything low poly and add a tutorial (:, this is still aplha! :smiley: Thanks for the feedback though!!!

I went on it and have no idea what to do, you seriously need a tutorial. Or else most players will give up and leave.

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Game is okayish.
If your going for low-poly style, then make the skybox cartoony looking, since it would fit in it.
Game is playing 2 songs in background, so remove one song or disable one when entering the map.
The game needs timer too, otherwise it would be infinite round.
Add more maps :slight_smile:
There is exploit for human players.
As human you can jump on wood that Are on window and door. Spider cant jump on the wooden parts

But the game looks fun :slight_smile:


The game is decent.

The lobby looks very boring, and could use some work.
However, I do adore the blocky style/old style for the game ^-^
If there was a tutorial, it would make an improvement.

Also, I like the idea of, I guess it would be humor on this sign? But it just kinda would make more sense (in my opinion) to make it just “GAS STATION” or something. (as shown in attachment below.)

Besides that, the game concept is pretty interesting and I like most of the things! I will definitely play it again if an update is made.

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Trust me a TON of updates will be made (: We will add over 50 spiders add quests, leaderboards, secrets, brawls, etc etc…