Recommended Groups Create Button Works Yet I'm Max


Hi everyone, so I was looking around Roblox and I noticed that on the Recommended group’s page it gives an option to make a group even if you’re at the max 100. I don’t believe it works because if it worked like that, if you had a link to the create group page you could make it regardless.


I’m using a 2020 Mac Book air and Safari Version 13.1.2 (14609. which is the latest.


  • Put a space or something and it should show the recommended type page.
  • Click Create group.



The button on the group details page (or groups list on mobile) is disabled because we compare the number of groups you’re in (which we have already because of the list of groups on the left) and if it’s greater than or equal to the max, we disable it.

In the search page, we haven’t loaded that list, so we just show the button enabled the whole time. You can technically access the create group page regardless of how many groups youre in or even regardless of whether or not you have enough robux just by typing in the URL, but when you click the button to purchase the group, we validate all the requirements and it will fail if you are at the maximum. Usually we try to not send people to a page they can’t do anything, but sometimes the validation isn’t worth it if it’s a relatively uncommon action or we don’t already have that information.