Recommended Section Request


So as you can see in the title, I would like to discuss about the recommended section.

"What are you talking about, there’s no recommended section?"

So, I am requesting this section, and here are the reasons why, it should be a good idea.

  • The faster workflow for other developers that need help.
    Let’s take a random developer that needs help with a plugin. They write everything they need to help with. So then, in anytime or never, another developer would help the other developer, but to reduce the chance of “never”, recommended section could help, the recommended section would show the “helpers” their related posts to their last viewed posts/topics or searches. The “helper” could see that someone needs help and you know that you’re good at it, you could help.
    Let’s take another example, so what if You need help with something, the recommended section could help too.

  • More interest in their favourite things about developing.
    Again, the recommended section would know in what you’re most interested in and would post the developing stuff you are most interested in.


Would you mind elaborating your request?

Are you saying you would like it if we had more functionality to globally recommend topics to users?


Sure, so Recommended section would be like the main homepage that shows related topics to their latest searches, latest viewed topics, joined groups, even their own topics that they have sent.


Sorry for a late reply, I was in a vacation.