Reconnecting to Team Create causes studio to open a new window

A recent studio update made it so that once an attempt to exit a place in studio, a prompt would come up and ask if you’re sure or not.

That’s cool, though this caused a bug where if you lose internet connection while in team create this makes Team Create disconnect. Resulting in that prompt to come up.

If you click “Yes” it works as intended and shuts the window, however, if you click “No” a new studio window is opened, and the old one remains open as well.

I can currently reproduce this 100% of the time.

  1. Connect to a game with Team Create on.
  2. Turn off your wifi
  3. Wait for Team Create to disconnect,
  4. Turn wifi back on and click “No” in the prompt that came up.
  5. $$$

Hi @Dev0mar,

We added the confirmation based on feedback, so it’s good to hear it’s helping. For this specific case with network change, thanks for reporting it. We are tracking it.



Looks like this caused another issue with Team Create. We’ve disabled this prompt till we can fix these ssues.