Record showcases seamlessly | Remove the Roblox-menu icon during playtests!

Have you ever been recording or a screenshotting a showcase of yours only to be annoyed when the final-product has an annoying Roblox icon up at top-left?
Well, if so, this plugin is for you!

I made this free plugin originally as a proof-of-concept to see if plugins could access and edit the CoreGui in Studio; yet it has since become a major tool for both me, and apparently 50 other Roblox developers who have already “gotten” the plugin! :sweat_smile:

How To Use The Plugin?
Before hitting “Play Solo”, simply toggle the “Disable CoreUI” button on, it’s that simple! When you are done taking screenshots / videos, hit “Stop”, and toggle the plugin’s button off again; to ensure you get the CoreGui on your next playthrough!

Step By Step Instructions, In Image-Form:

  1. “Get” the plugin and install it from here!
  2. Toggle the “Disable CoreUI” button on, from your “Plugins” top-bar!
  3. Hit the “Play Solo” button.
  4. Take the screenshots / videos you wish to record, without the CoreGui!
  5. Hit the “Stop” button.
  6. Toggle the “Disable CoreUI” button off again, to ensure you get the CoreGui on your next playthrough!

Where Can I Get The Plugin?

You Can Get It Here


  • Since this plugin disables most of the CoreGui, it also disables Chat, the PlayerList, PurchasePrompts and basically every other visible menu of the Roblox CoreGui. I felt as-if this would fit most use-cases of using this for showcases and therefore kept it as a feature. However, if I receive overwhelming support to add the ability to change this, then I likely will.
  • Due to some inconsistencies with trying to toggle the Roblox CoreGui back-on again, you are unable to toggle the CoreGui on/off while running/playing the game, this is something I hope to re-visit and possibly fix although the likelihood is that this simply isn’t fixable. For now, you can toggle the option in Studio before hitting “Play”
  • For the few people who believe this can be used maliciously to keep Roblox players in games, it only works in Studio.

that’s impressive!

will definetly use it, great job! :+1:


Couldn’t you just use CTRL + SHIFT + G to disable the CoreGui? Then you can use it in-game and not just in studio, which for recording would mean higher resolution.

There’s also CTRL + SHIFT + C to disable all dev created ui, and CTRL + SHIFT + B to disable all billboard guis.


Again, with Roblox’s undocumented keybinds, if only we actually had a list! :sad: However, with this keybind (which I literally only found out about now because it’s mentioned barely anywhere), I’ve found that it only works if you are the owner of the experience (IE: it does not work for unpublished / unsaved places or places that have not been re-launched since one of these events) which could be inconvenient in some cases where you just want to quickly copy a bunch of stuff into a baseplate and toggle your CoreGui off.

The keybind including SHIFT also comes with the annoyance of accidentally enabling shift-lock in games that support it, a minor annoyance yet an annoyance that could certainly stack-up if you tend to do it frequently. On top of all this, the plugin doesn’t need to be enabled every single time you want to disable the CoreGui off in a playtest, you can simply keep the toggle on and retain having the CoreGui off in multiple consecutive tests, slightly cutting down in the time spent performing the keybind. As a result of these minor yet slightly-annoying side-effects of the keybind over my plugin (on top of the fact that you don’t need to remember the seemingly random keybind :sweat_smile:) I believe that my plugin still has some use for those who may tend to take screenshots / videos frequently!

Many recording tools now either by-default crop Roblox Studio or allow you to easily do-so. Resolution can also be increased via using the “Device Test” feature, if your recording software auto-crops Roblox (OBS crops Roblox) you can use the “Device Test” feature to receive an even higher-resolution recording than in-game ever could, assuming your recording tool allows you to do so :sweat_smile:!


As someone who used ever since its beta release and provided to a little topic in the #help-and-feedback:scripting-support category, I must say that this plugin is excellent and helps a lot.

Amazing job you did at making this, friend (@Abcreator)! :star2: Hope to see more upgrades and configurations regarding what to also hide, return the CoreGui, etc!


legendary plugin. Super helpful :+1: