Recreated the "Ice World Base" place from 2011 Roblox Ad

(WARNING: Long thread, for full enjoyment, do not skip and read all below)

Hello everyone, you saw that title correctly, I recreated a place from the iconic 2011 Roblox Ad that probably made me join Roblox in the first place. (or that one Roblox sidebar Ad that tells you to PLAY NOW idk)

Now, if you somehow don’t know about this ad, go watch it. It was an early ad that Roblox aired on TV a while back with its iconic tagline: “IT’S FREE”

It showcased some cool looking games that were made on the platform. Buut, they weren’t actual games. They were exposed to be CG! None of the places or players existed on Roblox.

However, Roblox has come so far from this ad, that these CG places now look like a bunch of free models. But, why not go ahead and recreate one of them just for fun? I’m not a very good builder, but I do believe that I have an eye for detail.

The place I chose to recreate was the “Ice World Base”. In the ad, we saw some kind of time-lapse of a space base that later blew up from some epic space jetpack dude.

The reason I chose this place was because of one thing: It had good references to go off of. I like to recreate things down the stud. If something looked off in scale (scale is how big or small something is), I would always go in and readjust it and pull my hairs out. Now, if we go a few seconds before that point above, we have this:

A dream come true. We can clearly see the truss length and width for that section, so its a good place to start building.

As for the rest for the building though, I had to find other clues about the dimensions. I managed to find the rough height of the bottom half of this building using the little truss tower they had to the right. Then, I had to view specific frames of the building where it was still low to the ground to find out everything else. An hour of talking later, we have this:

Nice! We can now move on to the walls of this building. It had a very futuristic design, and I had to resort to printing pictures to Paint to examine every detail. A few more hours have passed and we end up having something like this:

Boom! The front side is done and looking sharp, and I think we can call it a day- Wait, there was a backside that was never shown on screen? Well, that’s tough. No worries though, I could just copy-paste and hope no one will comment on how low-effort that side is and-

Aw come on! Now you just notice this tiny offset that people probably won’t notice anyway… fine I’ll go redo the walls AND then continue the design on the back. (it could have been easier if I had just grouped each wall, but instead I rushed the process and duplicated everything without grouping them… sorry that’s on my part)

Ok, after we have done that we can move on the third part, which is the terrain. That was a little harder to recreate because we had little to go off and it some of it is out in the distance, making it harder to tell the scale. No worries though, I have a sharp sense of scale, and yes, I would have to spend a day to adjust it because that’s how it is. The little white terrain that was under the building looked a little wide when I built it, so I had to fight over myself to accept that it was not completely perfect, but it was good enough

Now, we go onto the optional end game, which was the interior. Yes, there was no interior shown in the ad, but I thought it would be a little bland to just walk into a cool looking building with nothing cool looking inside. This was where I put a little bit of my creativity into the build and elaborate on the space theme. Hopefully, once you visit the place, it fits the overall theme and the design/feel of 2011 Roblox. Once I had that over with, it was time for the dramatic reveal. (Which is starting right now!)

Ladies and gentlemen, here we have the heavyweight standing at 14 stories tall, weighs 2600+ parts, and is only 34 hours old. He is a newcomer, with a record of 0 Playing, 0 Favorties, and 0 all-time visits.



Feel free to quickly scroll up and down to compare my build to Roblox’s CG model as I thank you reading my long post. I hope you enjoyed the brief process of recreating something as much as how I enjoyed recreating this base. It finally found its rightful place in Roblox, freed from the backup storage of someone else’s computer. (as a CG model, I didn’t steal guys)

If you want to take a look at this place, click here. I’ve placed a few easter eggs for you guys to find that were popular during that time. (clues to find them are cartoon, video game, some outdated meme) The TNT box, ROBLOX antenna, and the Roblox theme song were not mine and were found in the Roblox library. If you know who created them, I will happily credit them in the game description.

Now, the question is, can you destroy everything? The short answer is…
no, and the long answer is maaaaybe. If you could find the catalog items that the epic jetpack space dude wore in the ad, I’d consider it. It would be cool if I were to grant his skin in-game so you can fly around and then blow up the base just like in the ad. Unfortunately, unanchoring everything won’t bring everything down because of how many parts there are, and I guess Roblox saves us from lagging by freezing everything in place until a player interacts with it. I’ll have to look into how to disable that somehow.

Last last thing, if this post somehow blows up and gets like 100 likes, I will try to recreate the rover, the landing pod, and the spaceship seen in the ad. (unless you can find them as a free model, you can feel free to link it here and save me a bunch of time and [Content Deleted])

Thank you again for reading! I hope you all like it! :slight_smile:


I think that was the first ROBLOX Ad I had ever seen, so to get a glimpse at a replica of such a nostalgic building is pretty wonderful :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I ever thought about looking at the original games/builds that were presented in that trailer, but seeing such a faithful recreation of one of the builds may start me on my quest to browse around again for them haha.

Love that you outlined some of the steps taken to bring it back to life! I’ll definitely give the place a look and explore for those easter eggs c:


Thank you!

Yeah, hopefully this will take a few people back and maybe reflect on how Roblox evolved. Maybe some other people can recreate the other builds seen in the ad and reconstruct the whole ad itself in-game. It could come back to a full circle!



Ah, it looks like you found the art piece that represents the aftermath of working on something for four days straight.


Just a few frames of an image and you created and entire build. This is so impressive. Keep it up!!