Recreating Cities

I’m working on a project, and I was just wondering: If you were to release a game on Roblox, based off a real life city. Could you get in trouble from that city?


I don’t believe you can get in trouble for recreating a city.

The only way I could see anything happening is if you create things like business buildings and use their logos/IP. (Ex. Walmart, Target)

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I have heard of this before, but it was with big Triple A games that replicated famous buildings too realistically. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about though.

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You can’t get in trouble from recreating a real life city.

It only gets serious when like you’re constructing something that’s not New York or London for e.g a street or using Google Maps. 1867 is an example, it was a project meant to recreate Pfaffenthal which is a small town in Luxembourg.

No, only if you use copyrighted things of that city, such as its seal or any other copyrighted things.

In fact, I am making my own New York game, and I haven’t gotten in trouble for it, although I did change things up, especially things like the seal or city vehicles (police departments, public services etc.)

You can always create a derivative form of the thing itself to avoid copyright lolol