Recreation of my first Roblox game!

About 4 months ago I wanted to get into Roblox Studio, so I started learning the really basic stuff,(Scaling, Coloring, etc.) After that, I somehow came up with the idea of a game called “alien plays video games” as a joke game, so I built that.


Also this wasn’t anchored lol

Yeah its really bad lol. So now that I’m a lot better with building and studio in general, I decided to remake it. Here is the revamped version.

Also added a TV model I made

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I like that you added more detail the the controller and made the alien more realistic. Keep up the great work! :+1:

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Woah the TV looks really good!


thank you! this is the type of stuff that makes me happy :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s a really huge difference in both of them. Nice job on recreating them

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The detail, of the recreation of your first Rovlox game looks very interesting.

I can see you added two alien-looking, entities appear to be playing a game. Though since they appear they’re playing a game, try making the television screen appear to be turned on, if you could, maybe add a screen for the television that looks like it’s in a game, if you couldn’t maybe just make the color of the television to be a lively color to make it look it’s really turned-on and activated as your characters appear to be playing a game.

Overall, I appreciate your work as it shows the concept of two friends playing a video-game.

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