Recruiting a Talented UI Designer! (Closed)

About Us

Hi there! I am Twinkie! I am the lead director of Stunning Studios! We are a small upcoming developer group working on a new project! Right now we are looking for a professional UI (User inference) designer!


  • Must have experience in the UI field
  • Must have a portfolio or examples of past work ready!
  • Should have experience doing cartoony UI
  • Should use PhotoShop or another software

About The Job

We are looking for a professional UI designer for our game! What would we need to be designed? You would be designing all of our games user inference! We will talk more and more about exactly what we need! We are looking for a cartoony-ish looking UI, I will show you some examples of what we need, the style, etc! (Again MUST have experience, and past examples of your work!) If you could script it that would be great! You will most likely get paid more if you do, (Depending on how everything works!)

Style we are looking for!


This is mosty what style, and functions I am looking for, I will explain more details.



Contact Us


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any examples of what style you want

Sure! Let me put some up! 30 characters!

I might be interested
Here is my very fist non-modern styled ui

and here is my portfolio

Updated! Just put up some examples!

As I said before I am interested in the job

Please message me on discord, so we can talk!

My tag is rosscko#7637! feel free to friend me so we can talk some more!

Hello! I am TNFhacks (Or MrBunnyKing). I am an experienced UI designer and can make appealing UIs. I sent a friend request on discord (MrBunnyKing#8346). We could discuss payments and stuff in DMs.

Thanks! We will talk some more on discord!

Maybe don’t tag builders in this if you’re asking for UI.

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