[RECRUITING] Game Development Studio!

About Me

Hello, my name is 6QL4!
I am a fellow user on the devforum, looking for a game studio team!

Game Concept

The game concept will be a jet fighting shooter game.
There will be places, such as, Korea, America, Japan, Italy, and more!

The objective is to kill players, and destroy their “base.” Their base is basically the boss, according to simulator terms.

There will also be special modes, such as teaming, like Korea and America VS Italy and Japan.
There will be secret maps that spawn in a random server sometimes.


Now, I know all of you are looking forward to this section.
Were going to need 1 or 2 scripter, 2 builders, 1 UI, and 1 terrain artist.

Scripter(s) - 25%
Builders - 10%
UI - 10%
Terrain - 10%
Me - 10%
Ads - 10%

backup plan

It isn’t the strongest back up plan, but I am getting 10 dollars every 2 weeks, and so far, I have 3,000 + robux. I wil pay you guys out accordingly on how much work you did. This only applies if the game fails. Over time, the 3k robux will be much larger, because as I said, I am getting 10 dollars every 2 weeks.


If you are interested, PLEASE don’t hesitate to DM me on discord! It’s my best way. It’s also better if we can find some PST developers, that why it’s easier to communicate, however, don’t hesitate because your not in PST timezone! Everybody is welcome!

Discord Info: 6QL4#0001
Hope to talk to you soon!

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Are you recruiting GFX artists for ads? If so, what kind of GFX artist are you looking for? It would be better if you add more details about the job in the topic. Good luck.

Oh right, GFX. We might do a %, were looking for some fighter jets, but it’s for later, ill keep you in mind!

Hi! I am a builder and junior scripted, I have two years experience of building and three months of scripting. I was wanting to know if I could apply for both and possibly get pay for both.

Please contact me on discord! Thanks!

Ok! It mind be tomorrow as discord is not working for me.

Maybe I can try giving you a request?

I am ghostpin 9104 also amazing game idea.

Alright, thanks! I will send right now, try checking!

I sent you a friend request my discord is 6QL4!

Ok great! I will accept it as soon as it works.

Alright, thanks! I sent you a DM!

Still hiring the MAIN SCRIPTER!
Looking for positions!


Hey! Sure, send me a FR on discord and we can discuss!

I can do ads, icons or thumbnails for you. I sent you a friend request on Discord. My tag is Norman#5956. Look forward to working with you! :smile:

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