[RECRUITING] Hiring a Scripter for my upcoming game; Temper Towers (20k)


Hi there Roblox scripting community, my name is NamaSierra and i’m trying to go all out on a new game idea similar to the game Hell Tower. I want this game to be a spinoff version of the Hell Tower obby genre and I think it’ll be a great project for any scripter out there to include on their portfolio in the near future.


I’m just looking for an intermediate to an advanced scripter for this game. You don’t need to be the best at scripting but you will need at least a general knowledge of scripting and how scripting works for games like this.

Hell Tower Spinoffs

Games such as,
Tower of Hell - Roblox
[SUMMER EVENT] Tower of Hell - Easy - Roblox
The Tower of Hell - Roblox
[NEW UPDATE] Tower Of Hell (Free Gravity Coil) - Roblox

The Idea

My current idea and layout for all of this is locating here, with this idea I would like it to be done with the scripting aspect by March. I have a builder already working on the Map and the whole map with the 16 stages will be done by February is what we hope. I would like this scripter to be done possibly by somewhere mid to start March to be the completed game.


For this game I need you to atleast have a year of scripting knowledge and if you’ve scripted a Tower of Hell spinoff game before that’ll be even better. Please be sure to have some sort of knowledge of scripting before reaching out to me.


I’m willing to pay up to 15,000 Robux for the scripting aspect, or I can have you do the scripting for me from the end game product and you can give me a price of what YOU think your scripting work is worth, i’m willing to max out at 20,000 Robux but right now budget for scripting is 15,000, so if you think your work is better please make sure to contact me after it’s done and tell me what you think it’s worth.


Please reach out to me here on my Discord or on-site. Brenden#9545. I’ll see you soon!


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