**Recruiting JoJo Game** NEED ANIMATORS

Heya, me again, so if you dont know, im making a JoJo game named, The JoJo Multiverse, so far i have managed to recruit a modeller, a builder and a scripter. HOWEVER, i am in desperate need of an animator with good knowledge of JoJo. I will need you to create various stand animations and animations for items such as rokas and arrows.

Now you may be thinking, whats the payment? Thats a good question, due to my lack of money currently i’ll be paying very low rates in robux somewhere around 500 robux per asset (Can be negotiated) however, once i earn a bit more money over these next months i will do my best to give my workers better pay.

So if this appeals to you then either message me on here, messgae me on discord: Hange pog #2128 or join our discord server; The Heart Of The Multiverse

Thanks and i look forward to working with you.

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