Recruiting Modelers [Open]

About Us
We are minor studio mostly make stuff on discord and publishing it on our game. For know we are making a were making a Mario kind of game. The name of studio is Orbital Studios and the name of our game is Smash Clash

Our work

Our Team
kjack123#3087 the owner
ateamgaming52#4835 Builder
Intellectual#3748 Scripter
limey#9203 Gfx
Rere#8999 Scripter
ARandomGuyOnTheInternet#0056 Admin
Plantchant#8868 Ui
NewHamster#1729 Ui, Animation Rig (ME)
(You) Modeler

Payment we don’t pay and their is low chance we may pay if want to take the risk

Contact Us
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or Discord at: Discord :wink:

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