Recruiting programmers for a teamwork oriented game!


Hi there! I’m CRAZYDIAMONDDOO, a humble builder with big plans! I’m building a game called Logging Inc!

About the game!

My game idea is a teamwork oriented game, you can’t get everything done by yourself! You will need friends to get everything done efficiently and effectively. You advance through the game by cutting down trees and refining them into planks. You can also purchase vehicles and upgrades that allow you to go to certain areas of the map. There will be an in-game currency called Credits. Sometimes there are random events that can give you a boost inearly game stages! (I’ll discuss further more in Direct messaging)

Here are some models I made for the game! (They’re in blender)



The Team
Builder/Asset Creator: @CRAZYDIAMONDDOO
Programmer: None

About the job

Like the game, I can’t do everything by myself!


*Speak Fluent English

*13 or older

*Some sort of portfolio

*To be able to speak with me regularly

The Task
Your task as a programmer is to script vehicles with working suspension raycast or constraint (Whatever works best). Some vehicles can tie down logs (using G) to its trailer or bed. You can also untie the logs using (G). You can drive around using WASD. Some vehicles can pick up loose logs that aren’t tied down to a trailer or laying on the ground. They can also drop logs into trailers (using G). All vehicles would have working lights that you can turn on using L and H for horns! Some other things include attaching trailers to semi trucks! Another important task is to script working GUI. These include the Menu, the shop and E to interact with certain objects!
Another thing is that you will be able to chop down trees using some tools or vehicles.
The players are able to save their data!
Your final task it to script a lumber mill that cuts logs into planks and puts those planks into crates those crates would be moved using a forklift that puts them on a train!


Since I do not have a lot of Robux I’ll be paying 45% with an additional 10,000 Robux!

Contact Me!

Developer Forums: @CRAZYDIAMONDDOO

My Twitter is:

I also have Discord! : CRAZYDIAMONDDOO#3160

Thanks for reading this post!

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The offer above has only a very brief description of what you actually need done for the vehicles. ‘Working vehicles’ is broad, and from the images it seems like these are not just vehicles that drive around. A more specified list of what they should be capable of seems in order.

This percentage seems oddly little. It’s one builder and one scripter, is there a reason it isn’t equal payment? The entire game with all its functionality seems like a very large task.

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I am interested. astrovibes#8096

The reason I made it vague is because I was gonna go more in depth via direct messaging. Also for the percentage… i meant it to be 45%

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I highly recommend reading this

Thanks a lot!

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Some nice stuff so far! I hope someone takes this!

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