[RECRUITING] Star Wars Hoth Project

The Galactic Empire Development Opportunity


The Galactic Empire was founded in 2017 and has recently found success in our newly launched Death Star game. We are ready to embark into the Clans and Guilds community, and to prepare us for the community shift, we are have decided to create a raidable map for our group.

Current Developers
@AsunaKoB - Project Overseer
@antishell - Scripter
Vacant - Scripter
Vacant - UI Designer
Vacant - Builder
Vacant - Smooth Terrain Designer

The Job

Due to the ambiguity of our project, we are looking for 1 scripter, 1-2 builders, 1 UI designer and 1 smooth terrain designer. As a scripter you will be assisting me with creating core gameplay mechanics. Builders will be assigned tasks throughout the duration of the project. Most of the builds will be props or exterior structures with minor details to the interiors.

Examples of our map design


The budget currently has 20k-25k Robux allocated, and an additional $200 USD. More funds will be allocated for the project if needed.

Contact Us

Discord: Xavier#9539
You must be 13 years or older to apply. Be prepared to show examples of your previous work.

Thank you!


Hello yes i am very interested in the job I wanna apply for the role UI Designer for more info please contact me here or another via

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Contacted you on Dis! (PalmCrafter#8841)

Hey, I would like to apply for a builder. I don’t have a portfolio, but I will show you my past work via discord, if you are interested.

Discord: Theyoloman#7498

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