Rectangular glitchy rendering artifacts on Android

Recently, this issue happens all the times from October 30/2019.

Sorry for low quality recording but I couldn’t upload it due file size

When I am interacting, such like moving, rotating camera or just doing nothing, this happens.

Device Details
Category: Mobile
Type: Phone
Operating System: Android
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10+
Hardware Version: REV1.0
Android Version: 9
Model Number: SM-G975U
Performance: Normal
Available Space: 74.7GB
Used Space: 53.3GB

Roblox Application Details
Version: 2.407.353595
Updated On: October 22, 2019
Average Memory Usage: 44MB
Frequency: Low (14%)
Maximum Memory Usage: 356MB
App: 156MB
Data: 165MB
Cache: 44.51MB
Total: 366MB
Battery Usage: 2%

About Issue
This happens all the time, no matter when or in what game. This started happening yesterday. I also tried to clear cache data, but nothing seemed to work. It usually make that glitchy rectangles when I move my camera fast or slow, it doesn’t matter. It appears on parts of my screen randomly showing and disappearing after few milliseconds I think. This issue wasn’t happening until yesterday (Wednesday, October 30).

Hello this is my first post so if I don’t provide all the necessary details, then please forgive me.

So the issue that I came across was an interesting one. I have a Google pixel 3a XL, and I noticed that this issue goes across not only my Pixel but also my friends Pixel.
Below is an example of the issue.

It’s not game breaking, but it can be a bit annoying when trying to play Roblox. Also this glitch doesn’t seem to affect my PC version of the game, and only happens on my Pixel. The game I was playing was Ragdoll Engine, and it is the original not the new experimental version of the game.

This Glitch is also not game specific, it happens in multiple games other than Ragdoll Engine. I am using the most up to date version of Roblox, and I’m on Android 10.

One of our developers was experiencing this yesterday on a Galaxy S10, along with frequent crashing.

Thanks for reporting. We’ve disabled the feature which should have been causing this issue, but let us know if the problem still persists. (may need to restart Roblox)


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