Red Hyper Laser Gun (Gear remake)

I found that the original didn’t quite work as good so i recreated this one into how it looks by using FE Gun kit edited version

this was a submission for DozenGarlic to his game “The Elevator Universe” because i see only Laser sword in that game. he didn’t hire me but i just post this suggestion

NOTE: “bluric_64bit” is my main account
i use this acc to associate with people because of how roblox allows you to use one acc only


I love the detail of putting it away though. omg.


the thing is green, not red, like what.
it sounds like a pistol, not a laser gun, and yeah.
make it explode on overheat also


Thank you for feedback

I know how exactly i used Green instead of red because it got auto reverted to green

This laser gun don’t explode because if i did, it could causes ragdoll so that makes it uncomfortable INSTEAD I’d leave it to be like that plus I’ve never seen any laser gun explode on overheat before

and Yep it’s pistol sound mixed with Laser sound from gear (i remember how it looks but didn’t know it’s name) because there’s no sound effect that fits to it’s gun so i mixed instead of finding rare sfx that i love

It’s actually a pretty nice firearm made, but there are some improvements that can be made.

  • You might want to make the character’s torso rotate according to the mouse’s position, just like the 3rd person shooting system in Jailbreak. It makes it more realistic, but it’s fine.
  • The equip animation might be cool, but the flip-rotate equip with the right hand is slightly weird. When the firearm is rotating, the right arm should also move.
  • Same for reloading. I know that animations are really hard to make, and make animations that are Arsenal-quality would be very difficult. Maybe you could try making a visible magazine/ammo clip/whatever-that is-used-for-reloading.

Great job on the weapon!

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I Love that!i Just dont know why is the realoading sound some type of censor thing sound know?,but overall its a 9/10 if i say so

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Thank you for feedback

I’m unable to do Animation in Blender so it’ll ended up with weird rotation for the gun

these list would help me improve next time =>

This feature is “Overheat” it has unlimited ammo and mag for laser gun

it doesn’t play Censor sound it’s just Generic beep sound that was found in toolbox so it sounds similar to it

Ohhh,ok it kinda makes sense now lol

That, is, AWESOME!

Although do consider changing the sounds a bit, some of them don’t sound right in relation with what the general theme of the Laser Gun is

Overall, amazing job!

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