Red phobia: how it works

Red phobia is a fictional game where like aniphobia, you have to survive against the red forces (red camouflaged soldiers and animals=bad guys). Your objectives are also to take, hold and capture towns, villages and cities that are being held by red forces troops and their animal companions (dogs and horses). Bear in mind that you cannot kill other players like aniphobia, you can however form squad with human and non-human players. This game is absolutely meant for 17+ players (no kids allowed).

Plot: you are awakened after the red forces supposedly tried to dump you in the forest to leave no trace of their presence, which they failed and forcibly drove away in a hurry after being discovered by blue forces (blue camouflaged soldiers and animals=good guys). You are then in a blue army base where you recovered and we’re told that the Reds tried to get rid of you. You not only have survive the post apocalypse, but you need to restore the place after defeating the red forces. You will be rewarded for your contribution the heroes medal at the end of the game.

Gear and equipment: like aniphobia, you have to wear all kinds of equipment and gear so that you are not protected, but can thwart the red forces when spent more in-game money on expensive gear and equipment.


  • night vision goggles.
  • bulletproof vests.
  • helmets.
  • accessories.
  • food and drinks (water and beverages).

Weapons: I should also the weapons you need to defeat the red forces troops and their animals when go towards a town or a city, the weapons you purchased will be automatically saved like your equipment and gear after purchase.


  • military guns.
  • police guns.
  • future guns.
  • WW1 and WW2 guns.
  • melee weapons.
  • bows and arrows.

Voice lines: as in aniphobia,red forces troops will have voice lines when they are calm or go wild when they spotted and decide to attack. they can taunt you when they killed you on the battlefield, but they scream after You killed them.

Red forces voice lines:

  • red sniper (TF2).
  • red medic (TF2).
  • red engineer (TF2).
  • red machine Gunner (TF2).
  • red demolition man (TF2).
  • red scout (TF2).
  • red soldier (TF2).
  • red flamethrower trooper (TF2 with understandable voice).

Pets: I should not forget the pets you can purchase too if you need some extra help, like the weapons and the equipment and gear the purchase of pets will also be saved.


  • birds (reconnaissance).
  • horses (patrol and scouting).
  • dogs canids (search and attack).
  • cats (comfort and recovery).

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