Red Room Showcase

Building FeedBack

The Red Room is a showcase I’ve been working on, I need feedback on it.

  • How can I improve the build?

  • How can I make it more realistic?

  • How do I improve as a builder In general?

Helpful Links:

Link to Red Room

My Roblox Profile

Images :slight_smile:


Include an image aswell as a link to the game because some people like me are too lazy to load roblox. :slight_smile:


Woah this is so cool! i really like it.

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I personally think it’s a pretty good showcase featuring that cyberpunk style to add that realistic feel you consider experimenting with the lighting source and see whatever suits your own liking.

It reminds me of another showcase made by “Natsukashe”. But it’s just a different style - theme.

From at the images and decided to join the place myself i think it looks great my only issue is there’s not much details on the ceiling - wall. The only thing that features proper details meaning important objects is mainly the floor I wouldn’t leave, areas left empty it kind of looks a little unfinished it wont hurt placing small decorations here and there to intense the quality of the build.

In my opinion, it’s a very good showcase and I like how it’s looking so far. Small little props can improve the build a little more.

now that, that is awesome. you should try make some of the models in better for a bit extra detail. keep up the good work

Thanks I’ll keep this in mind! It helps a lot and i’ll be sure to use your advice.

The ceiling is missing detail. You can make the ceiling much more detailed & feel much more than just a part but have depth to it. You can use this as a reference of what a detailed ceiling should look like: