Red transparent figure appearing when animating (Moon Animator)

Hello! I was animating a big project and i realized this red figure appeared. I dont know what triggered it or when it happened but i cant find a way to get rid of it as i dont see any direct parts or body parts in the explorer that are linked to it.

Also there was a part of the animation where the model was in the red figure exactly but i deleted the keyframes thinking it would get rid of it, but it didnt so it might have been an animation error or something. How do i fix this?

I believe that is a ghost rig. I’m not sure where the toggle is though, so you may have to search through the top tabs for Ghost Rig


Thank you! I found “MoonAnimatorGhostRig” in explorer under camera and was able to delete it without any other errors by doing so with the model in the animation and the figure is gone!

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