Redar l GFX Artist l OPEN For Commission

Hey There! My name is Redar and I’m a roblox graphic designer with 10 months of experience,I eally enjoy graphic designs and I take graphic designs as a hobby and a job, I do different type of styles which is something I enjoy to do.

What Software Do You Use For your Graphic Designs?

I use Blende. I also use Photoshop for editing and finishing touches!

How much time does my order need to be done?

It usually takes 1 or 2 days for usual or simple orders. unless your commission takes a lot of time it would probably take from 2 to 4 days to be done!

Do We Provide Models For you?

Yes, you MUST give me everything and every detail you want before I start working so that everything will go according to the plan!

Does the Complexity of the Graphic Design Raises the Price?

Yes, if it’s complexity a lot, I will raise the price of the gfx.



Do We Provide Models For you?


Profile Pictures

You can pay with shirts/gamepasses, or group funds only.
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Thumbnails: 2k image
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Profile pictures:1k Robux

  • Payment is always first
  • Be patient and do not rush
  • Must pay taxes when purchasing
  • I have the right to decline your order (Before payment)
  • I have the right to increase prices if
  • No refunds after the payment is done

You can contact me on Discord and Twitter!


DIscord: Redar Monke#9800

Thank you, Have an Amazing Day! :black_heart: