Redefine:A | Setting Up R:A Correctly

As we (You, the reader, and I, the writer) both know, Redefine:A has one of the most complex setups for administration systems, and can often lead to confusion and anxiety if handled incorrectly or by people who do not fully understand the features of R:A.

You don’t know what Redefine:A is? You can read about it in this thread.

We’ll go over this thread by the order of doing stuff. I’ve done it so you can skip right to where you might be stuck in.

Intro: Why you should set up the admin levels before anything else

As a first step, just like every other admin, you need to set up which people are going to be… well, admins, in your game, and what their level shall be.

As shown in this picture right here, a less-detailed explanation of what might happen if you don’t set up the admin will result in;

Now, the more detailed explanation is that R:A does not track your env.Settings admins, but rather a datastore. Attempting to make it follow the env.Settings might result in a bad practice, due to overriding levels.

MAKE SURE YOU PLACE REDEFINE:A INTO SERVERSCRIPTSERVICE FOR MAXIMUM SECURITY. i mean, it will do it by itself but it’s better to not be screamed at by the system


Ah, the Settings. Truly one of the most confusing part of every admin, and especially R:A.
Each setting in R:A has it’s own part in making the admin truly yours.

The first 3 settings aren’t really settings, but the script trying to be set up.

Starttick will be the part that will show how long it took the admin to load in-game, which will soon be visible in !debuglogs.

env is the main part of the admin, allowing for an OOP styled programming throughout the admin, as you might later see within the code. (Such as env.Notify(), env.Settings, etc.)

module is where all of the settings are being saved into, and shall not be touched.

module.Prefix is by default an exclamation point (!), and is how the admin will recognise you are using a command rather than simply chatting. You can change the prefix to whatever you want, but if you are planning to remove the prefix, set it to “” rather entirely removing the setting. (It might cause issues later!)

module.SilentEnabled is currently disabled, so I’ll skip it for now.

module.PreferredMethod is truly where the settings begin to be confusing. By default, it is set to sm, which is short for sourcemod. The reason why it’s the default is because the admin was first made to replicate Sourcemod execution methods, and therefore has been passed down generation after generation in this admin to do so. However, a lot of players have complained that using ‘@ me’, ‘@ others’ and ‘@ all’ is confusing, so I’ve made a system where you can choose your own way to do so.

List of current methods;
sm / sourcemod : @ me, @ others and @ all. < Default
mc / minecraft : @ p, @ o and @ a. < First admin in Roblox to use Minecraft qualifiers (alternatives)
s / simple : me, others and all. < The most used qualifiers in Roblox

Those are self-explanatory. Pick a level, set a player in that level and done.
Same with group ranks or VIP Admins.

Most of the other settings are self-explanatory, but I’ll explain some of them anyways.

separator : This way, you can separate your message into multiple commands. For example;
!kill @me | !kill @someoneelse

suppresserrors : This will suppress most of the R:A warnings and go straight into !debuglogs rather than notifying the developer console before doing so.

EnableGlobalBanList : keep it false.

Language : The admin comes with 2 pre-made languages; English and Russian. You can customise how R:A responds to you using this setting and by editing the English that already comes with R:A, already forked and ready to be used.

HideMain : Steal credits from R:A being there and hide the clock button from the players. You can still use the terminal by pressing = on your keyboard.

AllowDisplayNames : By default is true, and will let you target players by the DisplayNames rather than just their Usernames.

RemoteKey : Currently under development. Will allow for API Usage later on.

The thread will be updated soon with Commands and Functions.