Redesign or expand upon the images for asset image states

As a Roblox developer and user, it is currently too hard to figure out or find out what these images mean. All together, these designs are out of date, inconsistent, and/or do not convey their meaning appropriately in the context they’re used in.

I’m not sure how much reuse these images see between contexts, but ideally, each context should get its own unique icon.

The contexts I refer specifically to in this thread are Pending Review, Declined, Archived, and Thumbnail Unvavailable.

These icons are poor because of the following reasons:


  • The Pending Review image uses a different style and paper shape compared to the other images, and is much more visually complex.

Incorrect symbolism

  • The only part of the Pending Review image that conveys “pending” to me is the hourglass, which is not the primary element in the design, and it’s too small alongside the complexity of the rest of the design. The checklist graphic only confuses the image’s meaning.

  • The Archived image is torn, which suggests that the asset is “broken”. This is confusing and the actual meaning of this icon is not clear or easy to discover.

  • Both the Archived and Pending Review images may incorrectly suggest they’re still usable due to the solid outline of the “paper” shape, when this is not the case. Additionally, the Unavailable image has a dotted outline, but the asset is still usable. The Declined image conveys that the asset is unusable by making the paper outline dotted. All of this is wildly inconsistent.

  • The Unavailable image can’t be localized, and the meaning of N/A may not translate to other languages. This image also doesn’t suggest that it actually means the thumbnail isn’t ready yet.


Redesign the Pending Review, Archived, and Thumbnail Unavailable images to follow the principles behind these examples:

Pending Archived NotAvailable

The declined icon can stay the same because it follows these principles already.

These designs are more consistent and effective at conveying their meaning because:

  • They use a dotted outline to suggest the asset is not usable, or use a solid outline to suggest the asset is usable.

  • They do not contain extraneous or redundant graphics that confuse their meaning.

  • They use simple and clear symbols to suggest that the asset is

    • Loading / pending
    • Disabled / locked
    • Missing / loading its thumbnail

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve general UX for both casual users and invested developers because it would eliminate confusion when identifying asset states.

If the three example images here are desired, to the extent possible by the law I will and do release them and their likeness/design for use by Roblox and waive all of my copyright and related rights to them.


When I first became a developer on Roblox, and uploaded my first image, I noticed this white box with a check mark in it, I had no idea what this meant, and I can presume many other new developers don’t know either. It’s not obvious at all, in-fact the check mark makes it look even more like it’s been approved or something. The declined image; the one with the X in it, is also hard to understand if it’s been declined. You might guess that the upload has failed and try again, I knew someone who even contacted customer service because they didn’t understand that it had failed. I only learnt what the images meant after my friend told me.

This would improve developers’ experience a LOT. It would be nice to include some words over the images, or just to improve them to make them more obvious.

As you can see, it’s very hard to tell that your image is awaiting moderation approval. I hope that roblox can address this; it would help newer developers a lot.


I still sorely want to see these images redesigned and made more consistent and clear. In lieu of any actual code changes, I think updates to the images used would be a good step up in terms of making the platform more understandable and friendly to new developers. The current images are gibberish to me now, and would have been even less intelligible when I was younger. People shouldn’t have to ask around to learn what these images mean with respect to their assets’ status.


I love the redesign images and I feel like that would be better. For some odd reason, the current ones give me the instant feeling of being annoyed. Like you stated, it’s not good. I literally had to ask someone what that image meant and I’ve been on this platform for a while. On top of that, the dimensions and the weird stretching gives me ptsd.

Current ones appear to me if I didn’t know from left to right:

  • Check thingy with a timer like some sort of timed test that I have to take. Maybe with my patience lol.
  • Do not enter this page.
  • The page is broken in half or alternatively, has gone through a shredder.
  • Got some legs and walked away.



Asset states are still a complete mystery. These images are unreasonably old and need to be updated to solve the complete inability for users to interpret them.

Roblox may use the concepts I have provided as references if desired. The declined :no_entry_sign: image is perfect already if used in combination with images like the concepts I have provided.


All of Roblox’s icons are really old in general. I think the first steps were taken today, and it’s now in closed beta.

This is for Studio only, not the website in general. No indication of any wider revamp initiative exists.