Redirecting players who attempt to join friends in ReservedServers through the website

I’ve created a lobby system which allows players to join and fill up a room, then ready up and join a game server.

I’ve been forced to use Reserved Servers for game lobbies as for a game to start, a full room isn’t required meaning the amount of players being teleported won’t always be equal to the server size of the game. This means that by using TeleportPartyAsync, it can sometimes teleport players to existing servers which kind of messes up the whole system.

The lobby shows all games that are currently in progress as well as servers that friends are in and you can join from there, which is all well and good, however when you try to join a friend from the website, the roblox client will prevent you from joining saying you don’t have permission to join that player. This means that to join a friend, you must join the lobby game first. I feel like this might confuse a lot of the younger audiences, as someone might just want to join a friend’s game and might not realise that they must join the lobby first.

So I was wondering if there was a way to redirect a player who tries to join a Reserved Server to the starting place or just teleport them to somewhere else when they join?


I think the way the Roblox system works is that you have to join a main server and then the game itself teleports you to a reserved server.

The client cant join reserved servers.

Yeah, it’s just that when you try to directly join a friend in one of the reserved servers, the game just completely blocks you from joining them popping up with an error saying “You don’t have permission to join this game” without even teleporting them to the main game where I can do what you said

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would appreciate if anyone had an answer

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Hehe Enabling Players to Join any Place in your Experience

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