Redline: Overdrive Devlog #3

I’ve been making more progress on the game with having redone the title screen screen but also I’ve created a mockup title screen when the game loads up but also added in a theme song which is just a placeholder for now but also the text as they will use a different font. I am happy with how this is looking so far but the game is starting to come along nicely but I look forward to eventually showing the game in action. I know it doesn’t seem like much but I do feel like that development of the game is starting to get somewhere and I’m happy that I’m finally starting to bring an long awaited game idea of mine to life. Do note that the game is still in early development.
Redline Overdrive Theme Song.wmv (1.1 MB)

Title Screen Image without UIs.

Title Screen image with UIs.

As always, feedback, suggestions and improvements are welcomed. I know this devlog was short but I just want to talk about the recent work that I have done so far.

In the next dev log I will try and showcase the event and car selection screens to try and give an idea of how both of these menus will look and work.


Can you give a game link if possible?
Edit: I am interested!!


The game is still in early development which is why it is not playable as of yet. I’ll post a link to the game once a playable demo is ready which could take a few months.

Here’s the link if you want: Redline: Overdrive - Roblox

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I gave it a favorite. Could I possibly help in some way if you need the help?

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It depends on what you want to help out with as the game will be aiming for a realistic style but use a mix of parts, textures/decals and meshes for the development of the game.

These few images give me memories of the Mario Kart Wii, City map. This is breathtaking!

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Thank you. I do feel like that the images do stand out especially to give the theme of cars racing through a city in the midst of traffic but I do think that’s it’s getting better the more I work on it.

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The game looks pretty nice but it would look nicer if you added

  • Shadows under cars
  • Enable shadows in lights or enable globalshadows if they aren’t on (not sure)
  • Make the night darker
  • Don’t forget about lowering the brightness to 0
  • Maybe a little depth of field?
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Thank you for your suggestions/improvements, I will work on the lighting to try and but I’ll enable global shadows if I forgot to turn them on. I know for tracks/events that will take place at night I’ll try and make the lighting so that the traffic’s headlights (maybe script them to flash if players drive towards them so that they can be seen from a distance/flash if a player drives towards traffic on tracks that take place during other times of the day) but also since players would be driving/racing at high speeds but the lighting is one area I will need to focus on as I’ll try and make the lighting look more realistic as the tracks/events will all take place at different times of day so the lighting would need to be adjusted based on what time of the day each track/event would take place.

Anyways, thank you for bringing this up as I will work on the lighting for the title screen environment but also each of the 28 different tracks even though I’m still working on the 1st track at the time of writing this.

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A couple of pictures of the game after updating the lighting. It’s still a WIP. I’m aware it’s a bit too bright.

Tried making it so it’s not as bright.