Redline Studios - Hiring Environmental/Smooth Terrain artist

Redline Studio is currently looking for someone who would be able to fill an already existing map with diverse smooth terrain and landscape features such as realistic foliage to give the map a more pleasant/professional look and be just as efficient performance-wise. More details will be discussed upon interest.

Game progress can be found on my twitter:


  • Payment estimate is to be discussed upon interest.


  • Advanced knowledge, and experience with smooth terrain/map design
  • Knowledge, and experience with foliage design/applications
  • Building style is focused on a modern tropical residence along with a modern city approach, terrain would need to have a good balance of realism/efficiency (Think of places like Italy, Miami, California).
  • If interested please send some of your previous works pertaining to the position.
  • MUST deliver frequent updates and be communicating often.
  • MUST meet self declared deadline/s.

You can contact me on Discord @ Orlando777 #8542

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