Redo the Learn Roblox page of the Developer Hub


As a Roblox developer, the Learn Roblox page prevents me from recommending the Developer Hub as a resource to new developers, because it is organized in alphabetical order. It may be intimidating to a new programmer if they see arguments and parameters described before they know what a function or variable is. Someone new to a skill doesn’t know what they don’t know, so they can’t just search for pages to learn from.

The Wiki used to have a not great but functional sort based on difficulty. I’d like a linear path shown to new developers, perhaps a Programming path and Building path, rather than the old difficulty sort. This is an important problem because the Wiki used to be something you could actually recommend someone new to Roblox to learn from.


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Instead of looking in “all-tutorials,” if you look at “studio-basics” then you’ll find better (but not great) results including Creating a Script and Position a part via code. Maybe it could be better to have Learn Roblox redirect here, and add a few more tutorials to this section? The place it links now definitely isn’t the most helpful place on the wiki for people just starting to learn Roblox.