Redoing a classic 737

Do you remember the classic 737 with the block windows? Some of them do exist to this day. So i have decided to redo one of them and upgrade it a bit. So what do you think about this idea? Here is the plane before i put any hand on it:

And here after a small change:

2nd step

There will be more on this :slight_smile:


The windows look way better now. Or do they look bad?


It’s Real good! I think that is a 737-700 on the look of it. Maybe make the plane a 737-700 ER (Add Winglets)

That would really fit with it, to be honest, I kinda like the ER Versions better in games as it adds more flow into the model and makes it smoother.

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Wow these keep getting better and better!!!

Keep Up The Great Work My Friend!!!

I just realize… Yeah. That you just looking for what you should do…

Yes i have found some Winglets and engines. Looks way better now.

The nose looks too seperate from the main body of the aircraft.

What do you mean? Is it not yours?

Not the engines and the winglets. The 737 is from the catalog as you see. But i want to find ways to make it look better since i love to edit vehicles and planes. I can do stuff myself yes but sometimes im yust a bit to lazy to. Dont judge me for this. I mean everything starts small right :slight_smile:

I love to edit planes from the catalog and vehicles. Im not the best builder and sometimes a bit to lazy to build everything new :joy:

If you have an idea how to make a plane out of a blueprint and not frok a pre build model you are free to help.

I am sorry i am not free at the moment as i have a big job right now.