Redrawing some extremely old art I made when I first started making digital art ( Warning: Horrendous Art ahead )

So I decided to redraw some old icon thing I made back in 2019 when I first started doing digital art…
The old drawing gives me a lot of nostalgia but it’s generally horrendous so I decided to redraw it, felt like sharing the WIP.
I will probably reply to this post with the progress as time goes on but here’s the progress so far on it

I wonder what you guys have to say about it so far, does the WIP look fine?

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Oh by the way, I decided to use a newer design of a cat model I made some time ago for my (currently private) project

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Decided to instead finish the drawing and post it here afterwards
So here it is

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Wowee looks good

How long ago was the original drawn?

Like 3 years ago when I first begun doing digital art