Redshift Arena Map In Future Is Bright Mode

I’m honestly quite happy with how well this turned out, and is giving me some serious DOOM 3 vibes. This map should be dropping by the end of the week, but it won’t look as good in Roblox’s current lighting engine.


If only bump maps…sigh


I agree!

Though it’s a bit weird since some of the walls in this level appear to have bump mapping, even though they do not.

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I might be wrong on this but I think roblox gives textures pseudo bump map, possibly a displacement mapping since that just requires making an image black and white and cranking up the contrast a bit.

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I think that’s what occurs because look at this:


I think textures do have some level of bump mapping, but what we really need are normal maps - as they allow the texture to have a 3D look to them.

I can’t wait till we have all maps. Normal, specular, roughness… I mean the others could be added in too but roblox isn’t a PBR platform. but man,normal and secular maps would be sweet.



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With FiB I don’t see a reason why we can’t have normal maps. The default textures alone don’t have very good mapping. Metal texture on small parts for example looks like darker plastic …

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That’s not a normal map issue, thats a material scale issue. We don’t have control over that property. Which would be nice if we could control the scale of the material.

I don’t see it either to be honest.

The only argument that’s constantly brought up (for other graphically-related features) is Mobile support, which is a hollow argument in my opinion. Then again, FIB is being added, to I assume, all platforms.

The one reason I can see it not being added is memory constraints or loading time problems.